Network Marketing Reality Test-2


How to become diamond? How to actualize your dream? आज नेटवर्क बिजनेश अमेरिका में हीं नही भारत में भी वाइल्ड  फायर की तरह  जोर पकड़ता जा रहा है| जिस तरह से किसी भी फील्ड में सफल होने के लिए उस फील्ड की जानकारी आवश्यक मानी जाती है| उसी तरह से नेटवर्क विषय   की जानकारी… Continue Reading »

Network Marketing Reality Test-1


“Everybody is your prospect, anyone can do this and Really this is not sales, Just it is sharing of products.” Due to this lie people have the mistaken idea that talking to anybody and everybody they come within arm’s length of is an effective recruiting technique? This type of antics has damage this industry’s reputation… Continue Reading »

Govt unsparing in punishing the corrupt: PM Modi


Courtesy: Indian Express, 18 Nov 2015 – PM Modi said that the focus of his government was on providing system-based and policy-driven governance. Highlighting the achievements of his government in tackling the menace of corruption in bureaucracy, Narendra Modi said several steps have been taken to make the bureaucracy more efficient, performance-oriented and accountable. Asserting… Continue Reading »

Model law mooted to tackle ponzi schemes


Courtesy: The Hans India, 4 December 2015 – The model law would be comprehensive and include collective investment schemes, chit funds, direct selling schemes and such other activities which are presently permissible but are defined and regulated in a dispersed manner   New Delhi: To curb illegal money pooling schemes, a Parliamentary panel has pitched… Continue Reading »

SEBI Brought Down Hammer on 250 Ponzi Schemes


Courtesy: The New Indian Express, 22 August 2015 – CHENNAI: The Securities and Exchange Bureau of India (SEBI) has taken a tough stand against any companies indulging in perpetrating Ponzi schemes, with Chairman U K Sinha saying that the regulator had brought down the hammer on 250 such companies over the last few years. “We… Continue Reading »

CBI registers 72 cases relating to ponzi schemes: Govt


Courtesy: Zee News, 11 August 2015 – New Delhi: The government on Tuesday said CBI has registered 72 cases relating toponzi schemes in about 3 years, while the Enforcement Directorate has initiated action in 57 cases under the money laundering law. “Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has also registered a total of 72 cases (71 regular… Continue Reading »